Jaisen Nedumpala

* Assistant Secretary to a Village Panchayat in Kerala, India. - That is my job.

* Also, am a research student at School of Environmental Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University of Kerala.

* I love to experiment with RS&GIS and map the places on OpenStreetMap. I love to draw maps as well.

* I use Free/Open Source Software tools for almost all of my works, and sometimes advocate for it.

* I am somewhat aware of the environmental and ecological activities of the region.

* I volunteer with the L10n/i18n team of Swathanthra Malayalam Computing for Malayalam language.

* I edit Wikipedia, and upload photos, drawings etc. to the Wikimedia Commons.

* I maintain two personal blogs each in Malayalam and in English, and write whatever rubbish I think, whenever I please.

* I love hike / hitch-hike either alone, or with my friends.

* Hmm... I do whatever I feel interesting.